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drywall popcorn removal utah

The installation of the popcorn ceilings was a famous trend from 1950s-1980s. Such ceilings have clumpy texture frequently described to have the look of a cottage cheese. Popcorn texture was actually builder’s go-to texture since it’s cheap and did not require paint. Over time, the texture became dirty, collect dust, discolored, and started to fall. Drywall popcorn removal is one of the requested services and also the most affordable way to update any property.

The process of drywall popcorn removal starts with prep work to reduce debris and dust. Contents are moved and apply protection to the floor. Then, the walls are mask off with plastic sheets and quality masking tape. The door openings are also masked off along with the ceiling fixtures. After that preparation, popcorn texture is carefully eliminated to its original drywall surface without damaging drywall materials. Painted over the popcorn ceilings can be hard to eliminate.

If the popcorn texture is eliminated from the ceiling, then the bad tape joints will be replaced and refinished. Getting rid of such tape joints is important for the reason that bad tape joints will be visible after a new texture was applied.

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