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5 Signs Your Drywall Needs Repair

From the floors right to the ceiling, it is the desire of every human being that their house looks well put together. However, despite regular maintenance, a time comes when things don’t seem as fresh as they should. When that happens, the drywall is the first thing that needs your utmost attention since it’s likely that it needs to be repaired. Drywall repairs are hectic and time consuming, but if put on the backburner, they can pave the way for structural damage. It is in our best interest to assign the task to a professional drywall repair service provider in Salt Lake City, UT.

Here are five signs your drywall needs repair.

Water Damage

Number one on the list is water damage. Taking care of the surface is easy, but knowing what simmers underneath isn’t. Leaky plumbing is a major contributor to damaged drywalls. Two common signs of water damaged are discoloration and musty smells. Prolonged water damage causes mold and mildew, which leads blemishes and bad odors. Mold growth is as bad for your health as much as it is for your drywall and the structural integrity of your property. So, if you notice signs of water damage, be sure to reach out to a professional for drywall repair.

Cracked Drywall

Next up we have cracks. The primary reason for cracked drywalls is improper installation. Other reasons include fluctuations in temperature, moisture, or house settling. Cracks also occur in areas closer to the seams.

Cracking mustn’t be ignored as it gets worse with time. When that happens, the repairs will be extensive and costly so take heed and get the issue inspected ahead of time.

Torn Drywalls

Removal of items like wallpaper, tiles and mirrors from your drywall can lead to a torn drywall, which not only looks untidy, but it can also worsen with time. It’s usually only the aesthetics that will suffer here and all you have to do is to sand the torn area and patch it up to fix the problem.

Popped Up Nails

There are multiple reasons why nails can pop up. Sometimes it is the house that is settling, while other times they haven’t held on to a stud properly. Furthermore, the walls used to build the house contains moisture. When the moisture dries, the nails move from their place and pop out of the surface. If you see some, have them removed and replace them with screws to avoid any injuries.


Holes in a drywall aren’t uncommon. However, the sizes may just vary from hole to hole. Regardless of the size of the hole, repairs should be done right away. Moreover, the size of the hole also determines the nature of repairs required. If ignored, these holes can widen with time, thus resulting in a bigger expenditure at your end.

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