Utah Drywall & Repair is an experienced and full service drywall company in Draper that provides unparalleled quality work and service in the industry. Our primary focus is to ensure that you will be getting the best drywall services in Draper area. 

We Got the Necessary Equipment and Tool

Once you get in touch with Utah Drywall & Repair as your professional drywall contractor, you can be sure that our team will show up armed with the right equipment and tools that are necessary to achieve the perfect finish. Our staff will also make sure that the whole process, starting from cutting to hanging to taping will be done and completed in the easiest and safest manner even when reaching those high corners. 

We Save You from Stress 

When you work with Utah Drywall & Repair and choose us as your drywall contractor in Draper, you wouldn’t be dealing with the stress of taking the measurements, cutting all the sheets and installing them to create a seamless finish. In addition, they will also cut, install, bead, coat, tape, and sand the drywall for walls and ceilings with the smoothest appearance. 

So, the next time that you need effective and efficient results and ensure the perfect installation of drywall in your Draper home, the only thing you have to do is get in touch with our expert and reliable drywall contractor services. We at Utah Drywall & Repair will take on the job and provide you the best kind of assistance that you need. Request a free drywall repair estimate today!

Did you know?

Drywall is among the most common and popular building materials for Draper homes. In the United States alone, 25 billion square feet of drywall was sold in 2017. 

Drywall is produced from calcium sulfate dihydrate, a type of mineral that can be found all over the world. It is ground and combined with additives before it is extruded through thick paper sheets to create planks. It is a durable and easy to install material that is also easier to repair unlike plaster. In fact, drywall has now officially replaced as plaster as the top choice for wall material. 

However, despite the strength and durability of drywall, it can still get gouged or cracked. If it gets wet, it is also prone to mildew and mold. Once damage takes place, drywall services like Utah Drywall & Repair can offer assistance with drywall repair and installation, and more. 

Drywall Installation and Repair in Draper 

Although it is not that complicated to install drywall, it is something that requires time, skill, and knowledge, and this is the reason why hiring our expert drywall services at Utah Drywall & Repair can help you save money and time. Our team members are experienced in drywall services because of different reasons such as the following:

  • We know the correct anchors that will be used for attaching the drywall.
  • We rely on the specialized tools needed to secure and cut drywall sheets. 
  • We work in teams for completing residential projects fast. 
  • We guarantee that the heavy drywall will be hung straight with no gaps.