The rough texture of drywall planks is because of the fine particles from which they are made of and should be carefully prepared prior to painting. The finishing process that can be time consuming involves patching the tiny holes and nicks with mud and sanding until the wall becomes even and smooth. 

Walls should then be dusted carefully and here at Utah Drywall & Repair, we also follow other necessary steps to ensure that we can create the finest surface for painting. The walls are then washed with care before they are allowed to completely dry before we apply the drywall primer. Drywall has the tendency to absorb primer and this is why this step usually takes several coats. After the primer has dried out, our team at Utah Drywall & Repair will then do more additional dusting and sanding to guarantee the smoothest finish possible. 

It is only at this point that we can now fully paint the drywall. Although it is possible to use various kinds of pain on drywall, there are certain paints that are better based on the specific room where it will be used. The more durable paints are usually chosen for children’s rooms or kitchens while cheaper and less durable ones might be used in the rest of the rooms.

As your number 1 Highland drywall company, Utah Drywall & Repair will follow all the necessary steps involved in the process to ensure that you will be happy and satisfied with the final results.