drywall hole repair utah

If you need an expert drywall hole repair, call Utah Drywall & Repair. We are our number one drywall contractor specializing in all kinds of drywall repairs from minor cracks to more serious flood and fire damage.

You can count on us to get that drywall job done right the first time. We take pride in our exceptional thoroughness from start to finish.

Our expert drywall hole repair tech will identify the most suitable materials for the job, whether all-purpose or lightweight compound, paper or mesh tape and more. The moment we step inside your house, our repair tech will then place protective coverings on all vulnerable surfaces. The tech will follow the right procedure specific to the kind of repair required. The drywall is now going to be sanded and finished accordingly. Our tech will clean the nearby area thoroughly and get rid of all debris and dust, following every applicable measure for dust safety. An expert paint job will then follow if this is also part of the job.

Utah Drywall & Repair can fix numerous drywall issues and so much more!

  • Large holes – Cavernous, yawning, and gaping holes can all be dealt with using additional backing under high-strength patching to fix wide gaps.
  • Doorknob holes – These holes are definitely the worst so let our team make them all disappear.
  • Creeping cracks – These are usually found under windows and they are no match for our professional drywall hole repair process.
  • Nail pops – We can completely smooth over those annoying tiny pops so you never have to worry about them again!