drywall taping utah contractor

Drywall taping is basically a useful way to cover the seams and joints between drywall panels in order to achieve a flawless and smooth finish on your walls.

When drywall panels are being put up, a tiny amount of joint compound is used for filling in the gaps or seams before smoothing and spreading this evenly with a putty knife to the wall surfaces level. The paper tape will then be gently smoothed on the top until it sticks properly to the wall. If ever some mud does come out from below the tape, this can be easily feathered away to achieve a smooth surface.

The process of drywall taping lets you form a strong bond between the drywall sheets. A thin layer of the joint compound will be smoothed over the top to complete the process.

Once drywall taping has been done properly, it will be impossible to notice where a certain panel finishes and where another starts after the wall gets painted. This is why this process is the number one choice of most drywall contractors, especially when the quality of finish and time are most important.

What Can a Drywall Tape Do?

The drywall tape is actually made from plain panel with the same texture as that of drywall panels. This comes in a roll that can be applied along the joints either by hand or with the use of an automatic taping tool.

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