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4 Signs of A Bad Drywall Job

Drywall is a common material used in construction. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it is very easy to install and repair drywall. Considering the ease of installation, many people might think that they can do the job themselves. Even worse, they might assume that they can get the job done by the first contractor they find. When we say it is easy to install, we don’t imply that anyone can do the job. To get the job done right, you’ll still need to call in reliable drywall professionals.

A drywall job may appear like a job well done initially, but some signs can indicate that the drywall job was poorly done. You can tell a good drywall job from a bad one. Let’s look at some of the apparent signs that the contractor you hired for the job wasn’t the best choice after al!

1. Visible Joints

Drywall installation involves the use of multiple drywall panels to form a wall. If the job is done right, you can’t see any visible joints. You can’t quite tell where one panel ended and where the other started. They’re well covered. However, if you can make the outline or see the joints, know that you just encountered a bad drywall job.  The joints are visible because of air bubbles under the surface of the tape used to join the panels, or the drywall panels weren’t spaced correctly.

2. Uneven Corners

Another sign of a bad drywall job is uneven corners. The corners of the drywall should be straight and smooth, with no creasing, bubbles, gaps, or indentations. But if you do see any of these, you know it is what it is – a bad drywall job. Uneven corners affect the overall appearance of the installation. If that’s the case, you’re left with no choice but to get it fixed.

3. Screw and Nail Holes

If you observe nail and screws popping out from the surface of the wall or appear to be pushing the surface from beneath, you need to get it fixed immediately. Screws and nails shouldn’t be visible at any point, especially not when you just got new drywall. If you see it, you should know that the drywall has been poorly installed and needs fixing right away.

4. Crooked Panels

If the drywall contractor you hired isn’t the best, they might not have a proper team. Cheap contractors usually work alone. When a single person tries to do all the work themselves, mistakes are bound to happen. It isn’t easy to hold a heavy drywall panel and fix it with screws all alone. Most of the time, when a contractor tries to do so, the drywall panel ends up being crooked. A crooked drywall panel looks unappealing and, of course, is a clear sign of a bad drywall job.


You can tell a bad drywall job apart when you see one. It isn’t hard to tell. So, to save yourself from the trouble of getting the work done all over again, it is best to hire reliable drywall professionals for getting the drywall job done.