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Drywall Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

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Becoming a homeowner for the very first time is an exhilarating experience, but one that comes with enormous responsibilities. Naturally, owning a residential estate means you need to look after your property and make sure that all systems in your home function smoothly. This means you have to maintain the plumbing, HVAC, electrical wiring and … Read more

Dos and Don’ts of Repairing Drywall

Over time, drywall tends to get ugly stains, holes, and cracks and crevices. This gives rise to the need for drywall repair. Fortunately, drywall is relatively easy to repair on your own. Having said that, there are a few guidelines you will need to follow when considering repairing drywall by yourself. Here are some important … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Drywall Sanding

Sanding drywall is a crucial step in various home renovation tasks. It is performed before taping the drywall or after hanging drywall sheets. While this may seem simple and straightforward, many people make rookie mistakes during the process. Here are some effective strategies for sanding drywall so that it’s perfectly smooth and even. 1.    Pick … Read more

Drywall or Plaster: Which is the Better Option?

Walls are much more than just wide beams supporting a concrete structure. A home doesn’t just stand on its walls but also acquires part of its aesthetic appeal from them. Therefore, having pristine-looking walls is essential to have a tasteful estate. Contractors elevate a wall’s appearance by cladding it with a finishing material, such as … Read more

How To Deal with Water-Damaged Drywall

Water damages can be a lot more severe than you can imagine. If there has been a pipe leak or flooding in your home, drying everything is just not enough. Water can seep into any surface without you knowing, only to cause severe damages later on. Apart from drying the floors, you must pay attention … Read more

4 Signs of A Bad Drywall Job

Drywall is a common material used in construction. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it is very easy to install and repair drywall. Considering the ease of installation, many people might think that they can do the job themselves. Even worse, they might assume that they can get the job done by the first contractor … Read more

5 Drywall Maintenance Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

Drywall is one of the most common construction materials that is used in homes nowadays. It is highly durable, affordable, and, most importantly, extremely customizable. Like all other construction materials, drywall can’t stay in the best shape without attention. It needs regular repair and maintenance checks. Most homeowners who have used drywall in their homes … Read more

4 Common Drywall Problems and Their Solutions

Drywall has numerous benefits over plaster. It is quicker and less difficult to install and is relatively cheaper than plaster. A lot of people undertake the DIY drywall installation project quite easily and save the cost of hiring a professional contractor. Although drywall installation is simple and straightforward, DIY drywall installation isn’t recommended. There are … Read more

4 Things to Consider Before Basement Drywall Installation

Basement finishing is a new thing. It has gained popularity as one of the most effective ways of adding extra rooms to your home and thereby, increasing your property’s value in the market. Most of the people focus majorly on the electrical ductwork and plumbing work without realizing that drywall installation is a very crucial … Read more