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Choosing the Best Popcorn Removal Company

Popcorn walls and ceilings were a thing in the ’80s and ’90s, but the trend has almost died today. Not many people choose to get popcorn walls and ceilings for their homes. Those who’ve had them for years are now looking for ways to remove them.

If you’re one of those who’s just gotten bored with your popcorn walls and want to get rid of them, you may be looking for the best professionals who can do the job without creating too much mess. If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed down some tips that will help you choose the right popcorn removal company to help you get rid of your popcorn walls.

Choose a Certified Expert

Popcorn removal is a very time-consuming and highly technical job that only an expert can do. While every popcorn removal company will claim to be an expert, you should only work with the company that has got the certificate, proving that they’re certified experts. Only an expert can remove your popcorn walls skillfully in a shorter period of time. Someone who isn’t an expert will take ages to do it, and the finish you get at the end will be something that would make you regret getting the popcorn walls removed.

Choose a Company that Provides Best Quality Materials

You’ll have to do your research before choosing a popcorn removal company. Only then you’ll be able to tell if the material that the company is using is of good quality or bad. If you get stuck with the wrong professionals, they’ll take advantage of you being naïve and will use substandard material that only puts you at a loss. Enquire about the materials the company will be using during the process and settle on the one that talks sense.

Choose a Company that Uses Latest Equipment

If a company is using outdated tools and equipment, it might take them forever to remove the popcorn walls. Before you choose a popcorn removal company, enquire about the tools and equipment that they’ll use for removing the popcorn walls. The best companies are evolving and improving with time, and the better their adaptability, the better an option they are.

Ask for References

Since popcorn removal is a highly technical job, you can’t hire the first company you come across. Always ask the company if they can provide you with references for the past customers they have worked for. If a company is reluctant, consider it a red flag. However, the best companies are more than willing to share this information because it only adds to their reliability and credibility.

Analyze the Quote Closely

Every popcorn removal company will first provide you an estimate of the job. Don’t just jump into hiring them if they quote a price that’s too good to be true. There might be hidden charges involved. Therefore, analyze the quote closely and see if the quote is transparent. Feel free to ask questions. Hire the professionals only when you’re sure they won’t be charging you any extras.

The popcorn removal process can create a lot of mess. However, if you’re working with the best popcorn removal company, they’ll do the job skillfully, with minimal mess.