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Five Signs Your Drywall Needs Repairing

Most houses are equipped with drywalls, and people wonder how long will these remain in perfect condition? Some say more or less 30 years. Damaged drywalls are an eyesore and potentially dangerous. Homeowners must know how to tell if drywall is damaged or not? Look at the walls around you and check if there are indications of damage. Here are five signs which tell us that your drywall needs repairing.

Five Signs Your Drywall Needs Repairing

Water Damage

One of the most visible signs of the drywall damage is caused by water leakage. The water in pipes can cause flooding in walls. If it is not of a significant amount, it is controllable by using the sop-up method. However, sometimes water is undetectable, and the moisture in walls becomes the breeding ground for mold and bacteria.


Hitting the doorknob into the wall or a rat making its way in the wall can create holes in the drywall. However, the drywall will not require replacement if patched up properly and repaired. If the hole size exceeds 5 inches, it should be replaced.


It is quite possible that incorrect assembly of drywall can lead to cracks. Cracks are also common in seams of a room, such as areas closer to corners, windows, or ceilings. The cracks appear due to the fluctuation in temperature and constant expansion or compression of the material. Timely repairs can prevent the plummeting of the house structure and an additional bill to pay.


Tearing off things plastered to drywalls like wallpapers, posters, and tiles will not cause any safety hazard or structural damage to the house. However, it is an eyesore as it destroys the aesthetic vibes of the place. It must be patched up and sanded to appear like a new and clean wall.


One of the major signs of how to tell if drywall is damaged is the discoloration of walls. It is common in humid, warm places where moisture build-up is easier. This not only invites mold and causes bumps in the walls but also changes the color of the walls. The color change is very slow, so the transformation is undetectable, but one must be vigilant if living in such areas. The spotting on walls and ceiling clearly indicates that your drywall needs repairing soon.

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