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Types of Drywalls to Choose From

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The trend of moving towards installing drywalls instead of typical plaster walls has been in for quite some time. Now, there is even a variety of options and customization in drywalls from which customers can choose. The drywalls are made of gypsum and other additives to enhance their durability as the material is converted into flat sheets used in walls and ceilings.

Drywall, commonly known as gypsum board, Sheetrock, or wallboard, is the next alternative for typical plaster. Now, eco-friendly drywall material is also being developed from scrap material, which is relatively cheap.

Why Are Drywalls So Popular?

There are many benefits of drywalls to traditional plaster walls, such as being cheaper and eco-friendly. They are able to prevent moisture absorption and mold infestation. Some drywalls are anti-flammable and soundproof as well. Most of all, they are easy to install, and homeowners can customize them according to their needs or the location of the wall.

Below are the types of drywalls equipped with the properties mentioned above.

Types of Drywalls to Choose From

White Board

The typical gypsum whiteboard or drywall is the most common of all the drywalls. These are simple drywalls with no additional properties like fire or mold resistance. These are usually half an inch thick, but this option varies according to the prices and priorities of homeowners. The drywall is white from one side and brown on the other side, which goes behind and stays hidden. Homeowners usually use these in living areas or bedrooms.

Green Board

The next is moisture-resistant Green Board. It is similar to simple drywall but has a wax coat on the paper coat, so the moisture from the air does not seep into it. The drywall is not entirely waterproof, but it works to prevent moisture build-up. This drywall is used in bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry areas where there is a chance of moisture seeping into the walls. These are also a bit more expensive than simple whiteboard drywalls and also more durable.

Blue Board

Blue boards, also known as drywalls of plaster-baseboards, are not your typical drywalls. The materials used in creating these are not the typical mud, paint, or tape. It is drywall made to give a finished look of a plastered wall. The surface properties of this drywall include mold resistance.

Paperless Drywalls

Instead of covering gypsum in the paper, this drywall is coated with fiberglass, and this makes it resistant to mold and mildew. Although it is more difficult to cut than regular drywall, more people are choosing this type even though it is pricier than simple ones.

Type X

This drywall is 100% fire resistant. Any drywall can achieve the status of fire resistance if it can endure one hour of constant fire and come out the same as before. The secret element in this drywall is the fiberglass mixed in the core of gypsum, which makes the drywall thick and hard. It also makes the drywall soundproof. This is an expensive wall but it is more durable and longlasting.


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