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5 Drywall Maintenance Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

Drywall is one of the most common construction materials that is used in homes nowadays. It is highly durable, affordable, and, most importantly, extremely customizable. Like all other construction materials, drywall can’t stay in the best shape without attention. It needs regular repair and maintenance checks.

Most homeowners who have used drywall in their homes report some common issues. However, to help you keep your drywall in the top condition, we’ve listed down some drywall maintenance tips that address the most commonly reported drywall issues.

1. Remove Popped Nails

Drywall involves joining panels together with the help of studs and ceiling joists. These studs and joists pop out very often. In case you’re facing this problem, you can quickly fix it yourself. Simply remove the popped nails and replace them with new ones, followed by drywall compound to conceal them.

2. Fix The Cause of Water Damage

Water damage to drywall is, by far, the most reported drywall issue. It could occur due to a faulty plumbing line or excessive rainfall. A common mistake that many people often make is to fix the part of the drywall that’s damaged. An important drywall maintenance tip that you should always keep in mind is, always fix the cause of water damage before you fix the visible signs of damage. Whether it is a damaged roof, faulty plumbing pipe, or cracked gutters, the first thing you need to do is address these causes of damage! Otherwise, no matter how many times you fix the signs, they’ll reappear.

3. Fix Small Holes

Small holes on your drywall might not bother you much, but to keep drywall looking its best, you should ensure that these holes are fixed right away. A useful drywall maintenance tip for this drywall issue is to keep drywall maintenance plate handy, so every time you see a hole, you can quickly fill it up.

4. Get Rid of Stains

You just can’t prevent stains on your drywall. Sooner or later, your drywall is sure to get stained. Keeping your drywall clean at all times is a drywall maintenance tip that every homeowner should follow religiously. A dirty wall looks ugly, and it affects the appearance of the entire room adversely. To get rid of stains on drywall, first, dust the drywall off and then wipe it clean using a damp cellulose sponge. If the stains are stubborn or indicate the presence of mold or mildew underneath the drywall panel, call a professional right away and keep your drywall looking its best!

5. Repaint Regularly

You should make it a practice to repaint your drywall every few months. Not only does it keep your drywall looking as clean as new but also reduces the risk of mold and water damage by serving as a protective layer.


Drywall is affordable and durable construction material but lies bit on the high maintenance side. You’ll have to follow drywall maintenance tips to keep your drywall in top condition. If keeping up with drywall maintenance is too much work for you, you can always have a drywall professional come over and do the job for you.